E-commerce site development

Your own online store!


What is E-commerce website?

Electronic commerce, put it in simple words, E-commerce websites are a platform to purchase and sell goods and services over the Internet. It’s called online shopping. Customers can shop at the convenience of their home or even at work without having to go out. A single website can perform all the functions that is needed to execute the transaction. Shopping carts, payment gateways, etc can be done online

Why should you start your own online store?

This decade has witnessed the boom of E-commerce or online shopping.Advantages of E-commerce are overpowering. Digital revolution has shifted a lot of business into the online sales. For this reason, E-commerce development is gaining momentum. With the raising standard of living people prefer convenience. Majority of the working-class people prefer shopping online rather than visiting a retail store.

 This is the best time to start an E-commerce website as E-commerce is showing rapid growth worldwide. E-commerce industry is set to growth as much as 25% in the coming years. Another important factor for the success of e-commerce website is that it eliminates the geographical restriction to a bigger extent. With the help of E-commerce websites, you can target customer all over the country or even the world. This not only brings you more customers but also increases your brand awareness.



Types of E-commerce website



B2B E-commerce websites (Business to Business)- If you sell industry products to other businesses then B2B E-commerce websites are meant for you. You could have a custom electronic platform that will work with other businesses in a closed environment.



B2C E-commerce websites (Business to Consumer)- B2C e-commerce websites are the most common and widely used business model. Businesses sell the products or services to ultimate consumers (individuals) online as opposed to a physical store. B2C E-commerce websites have a lot of potential and are growing rapidly.


C2C E-commerce websites (Consumer to consumer)-Because of the rise in the E-commerce sector, customers have started trading, selling and buying online. C2C E-commerce websites act as a platform to conduct such trades and exchanges between customers by charging a small commission.



C2B E-commerce websites (Consumer to business)- C2B websites are not very common. In this website model, consumers sell goods and services to businesses. Reverse auctions, Affiliate marketing are some purposes of such websites.