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What is a Chatbot? Guide to make a chatbot

All about Chatbots, and The tools that can help you develop one.

Technological advancements have gained momentum in the past decade. One of the latest technological advancements Is the Chatbot.  In today’s time, a companies give  equal importance to customer experiences as to their products and services.

Chatbots and virtual assistants have now become a crucial part of customer experience.  Chatbots are AI based programs intended to stimulate human conversations. Bots can be activated through texts as well as voice.

One among the many uses of chatbot is to quickly answer customer queries in the most appropriate manner and deliver user requests. It provides a kind of human assistance to the users. Chatbots have proved to be an effective tool for customer service providers. One of the biggest benefits of chatbot is that it provides timely, one on one interaction to the customer. 

Many companies and businesses have realized the importance of chatbots and have started using chatbots for different areas in business mainly which deals with customers on frontend.

According to a research conducted by Forbes, 80% of marketers are using chatbots in some way or another in 2020.  Brands have started investing a lot of money and time on customer experiences. Using chatbots for marketing has proved to win more customers or retain the existing ones.

Some points stating the importance of chatbots for business are as follows:

 24/7 Availability-

Enhancing customer experience is an effective way to stand out among competitors. Chatbots are automated bots due to which they are on the job  24/7. With the help of such bots the answer  to customer queries is provided as per the convenience of the customer.

Low customer churn rate-

Chatbots help you boost the engagement rate and increase the number of leads and conversions. Therefore, it reduces the customers leaving your organization and jumping to your competitors.

Reduced waiting time-

Unlike face to face customer service, customers don’t have to keep calling customer care and support team of various companies. They can easily enter the  information for their inquiries. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to contact a business. Customers can avail immediate responses without having to wait in never-ending ques.

Better customer engagement-

Chatbots are a very good way to hook and engage the customers round the clock.  With the help of bots, one can offer personalized recommendation without having to worry about waiting time. This results in better customer engagement.


Creating a chatbot doesn’t require you to learn complex programming languages like Python, Java, Objective C, Ruby on rails etc. Here are some chatbot building platforms that can help unskilled developers to create a chatbot for their business.

1)      Hubspot-Hubspot’s chatbot builder can help your business by offering unlimited personalized conversations with your customers. It’s a great platform for any startup or small-scale business with less no. of employees. Its possible to assemble this Chatbot into your website without having any knowledge about coding.

      This platform enables you to choose a template based on its purpose and customize the questions and other elements according to the needs and requirements of your business. In case you don’t find a template, you like, they give you an option of building it from the scratch. With the help of this chatbot you can automate the common questions and problems that require attention. It is an amazing solution if you’re looking to provide support, qualify leads or book meetings.

2)      Chatfuel- Chat fuel is a very useful platform for non-skilled developers. Chat fuel allows you to create AI chatbot and integrates all your services including, Facebook, YouTube, JSON, Instagram etc. This powerful AI chatbot can recognize the common and most frequently asked question and provide predefined answers to users. Big giants like UBER, TechCrunch use chatfuel.

It also enables you to build a chatbot for you Facebook page. The best part about this platform is that it is free. Its possible to build a chatbot using this platform without cost getting in the way.

3)– offer business friendly Chatbot services and ensure that you have better customer services and higher satisfaction level. The AI of this Chatbot can help you increase customer engagement and convert more number of visitors.

      The chatbots offered by do not throw generic phrases, rather they converse like a human. With the help of this, its possible to integrate 15 third party applications. It’s a famous tool used by more the 10,000 businesses. The most famous name Is AirBnb. You can get started with the help of the demo provided by them.

4)      Smooch- Smooch is a little different from the other platforms mentioned, in terms of what it provides. It connects various messenger and business applications like Facebook messenger, Wechat, Front, Zendesk etc. Once it is configured, it acts like a single platform for all the business notification sent by the messengers. It enables you to answer the question or queries coming from the customers from this business application.

      It lets you create a chatbot and connect it to the messenger channel of your choice. This automates the entire process of customer service.

5)– is a tool that helps you build a chatbot in just a few minutes. This platform supports a number of chat services like Facebook messenger, Twitter, Slack, Skype, Line and many more. It gives you full control to customize the chat, message and interface. It saves you from the exporting data or leads manually by letting you integrate the chatbot with Salesforce, Intercom, Hooks, API etc. understands natural language and response contextually.

Chatbots are yet another great channel to reach out to your customers. Many businesses have been ignorant of chatbot development. It is extremely important to adopt to these technological advancements if you wish to  stay in the game. A chatbot customer service can give you an edge over your competition by minimizing response time and serving your customer 24/7. Chatbot development would be a cakewalk if you use the above tools wisely. Customers have accepted chatbots with wide arms.

So, if you haven’t already developed a chatbot for your business, make sure you do it now! Let us know in comments which tool do you like the most. Looking for a reliable digital marketing strategy for your business, Contact us today. 


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