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Importance of Teamwork | 7 Reasons You Should Know

As kids, we all must have come across several stories that highlight the importance of team work. Back then, as innocent kids, nobody ever knew how important these life lessons would be.

Throughout our schooling and college years, we’ve been taught to work as a team. Because that’s how important teamwork is for the success of a company or an individual. For many of us, a good team has become the central part of work life. Working jointly as a team enables smoother and faster movements towards the ultimate goal. The synergy between the employees of an organization or members of a team decides how successful they will be.

I’m sure, You’re definitely aware of the importance of teamwork in sports. Each member of the team should be a team player for them to win the trophy. Team work does not mean that each person does the same thing or does each other’s job. It’s a properly organised and synergistic way of working.

Everybody’s unique individual strengths are combined when you work as a unit. The team leader, manager or a captain, is considered as a glue that holds the team together. When working as a team, synchronization of goals and targets is extremely important.

When you’re working as a team, arguments and differences in opinions are bound to happen. But it’s necessary to set all differences aside and move past these hurdles to achieve your goal. Here are some important reasons why a good team is extremely essential for a business-

  1. Increases efficiency

    Imagine working on a very difficult task all by yourself, and then imagine sharing the load with a few other people. Team work is a key pillar in a work force which enables you to split difficult tasks between your team members. In this way each of the team members can put greater effort and finish the task faster. It helps a person to develop specialization and realise what they are better at doing. Team work increases productivity and brings down the costs. Teamwork increases efficiency.

  2. Creates a healthy competition

    Team work most often creates a healthy competition between the members. At a workplace, team members are given targets. A lot of times, the first person to achieve the target or have a work score more than the other team members is given a reward or recognition. Individuals try to prove their ability or chase promotion within the organization. They work on increasing their abilities and working harder each time. Such a healthy competition helps an individual to grow continuously.

  3. Develops bonds between team members

    Another great benefit of working as a team is that it helps you develop a bond with the other members. Employees work together as a team, succeed as a team and sometimes even fail as a team. This creates an emotional bond between them. Most of the times, such bonds grow into trust and friendship. This is great for an organization since the employees are more likely to communicate and support each other. This in turn increases harmony and corporation in the organization.
  4. Triggers creativity and increases learning

    When all the members of a team are working together at an equal level, they tend to put forth their ideas. Once the bond between the team members is developed, they feel more confident about sharing their thoughts and ideas without the fear of judgement. In this process, a lot of creative ideas come in. The importance of teamwork communication is that it accelerates the learning process of team members as individuals. Each of the individuals have their own skill set and abilities. When working as a team, each member can learn from the others. This polishes the skills of the employees and helps them to be better equipped with challenges.

  5. Increases revenue

    What matters the most for any organization is profitability. When responsibilities are divided among individuals, the burden no fall on a single person. They tend to perform better as a group than what they could do as an individual. Also, if a person requires assistance or help, other team members can chip in and come up with solutions. In this way, deadlines on projects can be met on time and higher profits can be reaped for the organization.

  6. Induces accountability

    Individuals experience a better sense of responsibility when they work in a team. It imbibes the importance of team spirit within them. They are more likely to make conscious decisions while working in a team. While working in a team, the carelessness or mistake of a single person can create trouble for the other team members. Hence employees would always like to make a good mark as they’d be held personally accountable for their work. Because of this positive peer pressure employees become more responsible and careful in their actions.
  7. Provides a good work environment

    The advantages of having a good team at work is that it enhances the working environment. You’re bound to feel motivated when you’re surrounded by hardworking people. Individual workload and burden also decreases as the workload is shared among the team members.

    This considerably decreases the stress borne by each individual. It creates a very healthy environment to be working in. In the course of time, individuals are likely to develop a close bond with their team mates. Most of the time, this makes individuals enjoy working. Employees can put in their best efforts in a good working environment.

In a nutshell, the importance of team management has increased during the past few years. Most of the organizations divide their employees into teams.

Working in a team benefits the individuals by developing them holistically, fills in them the power of taking initiatives, motivates them for a healthy competition and helps them grow. So, do you prefer working in teams?


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