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Has AI Changed the face of Digital Marketing?

This year (2020), we have seen the world turning upside down, now if Ironman’s AI Jarvis makes an entry it wouldn’t come to a surprise to us!

Artificial Intelligence has become a very essential part of the digital world which includes digital marketing and digital advertising. In the language of Google, AI or artificial intelligence which has the ability to collect data from various sources, it analyses the data and then applies it which helps the business to form digital strategies.

With the advancement of AI, business marketing strategies have also improved and has become a huge asset for the companies. There’s no harm in saying that AI has completely changed the image of digital marketing.

For example, Apple has reportedly acquired DataTiger, an AI-assisted marketing start-up and just like that there many enterprises that are acquiring AI in marketing for their businesses. With AI doing all the tedious marketing work of the company, human resources can now focus more on levelling up their strategies so that they can face fierce competition.

AI and Digital Marketing -A perfect blend

 AI has become is gaining popularity that it seems impossible for the companies to not implement it in their digital marketing. Let’s take an example of Flipkart- India’s customer base is vastly diverse, for this the company is using AI to create personalised search recommendations according to its users’ previous purchases, searches, and views. By this AI is providing an array of options and benefits.


  1. Customer Relationship Management

Integration of AI into CRM (customer relationship management) reduces a large part of companies’ tedious work. It maximises data collection as it gains insights for target audiences’ needs and behaviours. Now companies can make strategies according to their audiences’ needs which in turn helps to increase sales.

  1. When AI combines with AR/VR

To take personalisation and consumers’ experience to another level, companies have tried to combine AI with AR/VR. By this, it serves two purposes of the company. Firstly, it builds strong brand identity therefore the consumers will remain loyal to the brand and they serve as free walking billboards. Secondly, it improves customers’ experience. For example, Airbnb- as VR lets its users to see what’s to come when they book a stay, while AI takes care of the actual booking of the trip, hotel and flight reservations.

  1. ML Models

Companies are not left behind from using ML models too as they predict customers’ spending habits by analysing their order frequency, search history, past purchase behaviour, advanced demographic, and location data.

According to Epsilon’s survey, 80% of consumers want more personalized experience from the brand they want to do business with. With 2020 technology, collecting insights from various social media platforms and data collection of customers with the help of AI, it is easy to personalize everything according to its customers’ liking. It also shows their online and inline sales.

  1. Digital marketing

Digital Marketing isn’t complete without digital advertising. AI has gained success in digital advertising as well. MNCs use ML to analyse the user’s preferences, interests, choices and with the help of AI they find people who can easily make buying decisions based on the advertisement. Companies like Facebook, Google and Instagram use digital marketing to provide the best possible experience.

Around $273.29 billion was spent in 2018 on advertising, AI makes it easy for the marketers to spot and predict trends. Thus, companies can make strategies beforehand according to user needs and can minimize wastage.

  1. Searching anything is easy

Searching anything online has become so easy. It is because of SEO and revolutionised internet searches, the voice search and Google’s algorithm. Many MNCs have introduced their virtual assistants to make it easy for the people, now they just have to press a button and give commands. Voila!

robot, artificial intelligence, woman

AI based Digital Marketing in business

  1. Application of AI chatbots

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) software that can chat with users and assists them to solve their enquiries or to make decisions.

Companies now use “one-to-many” form of customer service as it supports different customers at the same time and in different time zones.

Just like humans, Chatbots interact with humans through the use of text chat windows and as time passes AI collects more data insights, thus learns more about the customers’ needs.

A Survey shows that 43% of consumers are comfortable texting online chatbots rather than calling customer care services.

Now 80% of businesses are more likely to engross with chatbots. With the AI advances like semantic recognition, language processing and voice conversion technology customer engagement becomes easier and it gives other benefits too like AI can answer customers’ queries even in the odd hours hence improving users’ experience. Also, customers can choose any language according to their convenience , allowing companies to reach out anywhere. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and hike are some MNCs that use chatbots.

  1. Email marketing

Billions of people still use email for various purposes. Thus, email marketing isn’t going anywhere. However, as the trends change with the years it isn’t as effective as other sources. AI plays an important part along with personalisation as it writes email subject lines, personalizes copy at the individual level, optimizes send time, cleans up junk and automatically creates email newsletter.

Email combined with marketing techniques can draw a lot of audiences and is obviously worth a shot.

  1. Marketing content

40% of millennials indulge more in video content than text alone, making it the second most effective form of content marketing. So, with the help of AI now brands are targeting their audience, to understand what type of content they want and can deliver it.

The work of AI doesn’t stop here, its tools help companies to create exciting video content without spending a fortune on it. YouTube’s recommendation, Pinterest’s explore, Instagram’s suggestions- their system study their users’ browsing history and suggests contents similar to it.

Many websites use this technique so that their visitors’ interest is maintained. Guess the technology behind this?

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