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12 Types of Emails you need to know for Email Marketing!

Email Marketing is that form of marketing that allows you to interact with your audience, make them aware of new offers and services, to promote business products or services. If your strategy performs well-Email marketing becomes an effective Sales driver.

If you are new to Email Marketing, it is hard to get people to opt-in to your email list. Then the second difficult thing is to make them read the emails. Practically, there is no end of challenges in the way of a business’s success.

But if you really want to utilize Email Marketing for your business, you need to be sure what your subscriber wants to read? Obviously, a viewer cannot read the same mail every time.

Here are the 12 types of Email you can send to your particular list, that you are probably not sending right now-

  1. Welcome Email

When a person subscribe/sign-in or opt-in for email updates, this type of email should be immediately sent to them. You can give a short description about who you are, what your blog is all about, how these email updates will help the reader. You can also add a greeting and thank you note in “Welcome Email”.

  1. Announcements

Most of the people use email marketing to make announcements through emails. People check mails often as compare to social media, so sending an announcement email will be a beneficial point. You need to update your subscribers with the latest offers/promos, new launch of products, new blog updates, etc.

  1. Newsletter

Aside from Announcement mails, another most common type of mail to send your list tends to be a Newsletter Email. Try to make newsletter catchy, informative and interesting. You can set a particular schedule to send newsletters; it can be weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Depends upon when your audience is much responsive and active.

  1. Product Email

This email includes information about new products or services you are offering. It can include old products too, which are with good reviews. Subscribers can have a depth look at the product through such emails.

You can also send information about the price drop on the product in your cart in this type of email.

  1. Giveaway and Freebies

Who doesn’t like giveaway and freebies? You can hold a giveaway contest monthly, it helps your business to maintain good relationship with the audience. Giveaways are always a success because they have the potential to attract and arouse interest in people and maximize exposure for your blogs or products.

  1. Survey

Survey Emails help you to create a personal connection between you and the subscriber. You can get to know what the audience wants and what you can offer to them next. Also, it helps in marketing, you can send them information about the product they want or interested in through product emails. It also helps to receive feedback from your users.


  1. Knowledge-base Emails

Such kinds of email have a sole purpose of educating the subscriber and not driving him to take an action. The main idea behind this type of mail is to establish as a go-to source of information for the people in the list and help build an authority in your slot.

  1. Exclusive Content Email

It is important to acknowledge the subscribers who opt-in or sign-up for your email service. You can make them feel special by granting them access to exclusive content – content that is just available for them before available to all public including those who haven’t subscribed yet. This type of email is used to make existing subscribers feel valued.

  1. Launch Email

Are you going to launch a new product soon? Are you going to introduce an application in support of your website? You must share this information with your subscribers, they would feel happy to connect with you on other platforms, and get to know what new you have to offer. Launch Email helps in giving a sneak-peek of what’s headed in the way to the people who have particularly subscribed to receive updates from your business.

  1. Cart Abandonment Mail

If your business involves selling or purchasing products and services, you can this type of mail to remind the visitors what they have left behind and how they can visit and purchase it again. The basic idea behind this mail is to encourage the visitor indirectly to visit the site and complete his/her transaction.

  1. Celebration Email

Have you ever seen Zomato email regarding celebrating one year anniversary? Yes, celebration email is kind of sharing the happiness of celebrating and occasion with your subscribers. You can thank email subscribers and customers for being supportive in your journey and offer them in return a kind of discount or other freebies.

Alternatively, you can use this mail for celebrating your subscriber’s birthday or anniversary, if they related data while signing up for email updates.

  1. Thank You Mail

A Thank you email is a must to send. You can thank them for subscribing, purchasing, or giving feedback to you. This reflects the interest of the audience towards your business. You should keep the content general and appreciate their efforts for trusting your business and want to grow with their support.

Nowadays, people often feel uncomfortable while sharing their contact with businesses. But when they genuinely appreciate your business and want updates in the future, they expect some value in return and not to be spammed. That’s why you need to be much focused while sending mail to your subscribers and also the type of mail that keeps them engaged.

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