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10 Tips to Remember While Starting Your Blog

According to statistics, there are around 70 million posts published every month by WordPress users alone. The bloggers who write articles of around 2000 words are more likely to generate greater results. So it’s quite obvious, the competition is prevailing in this field. We know the numbers can be overwhelming for  you if you are a beginner. Therefore, we have come up with top 10 tips you should keep in mind before starting a blog.


If you are someone who has thought of starting a blog today, keep in mind that there’s a cut throat competition out there.

The one way you can grab the spotlight is by defining your niche.

Defining a particular niche means working on a specific topic and becoming an expert in this field.

For example, you can think of starting either as a food or nutrition blogger, fashion blogger, beauty travel or lifestyle blogger. You can also go for tech blogging or educational blogging.

Later when you get a hang of it, you can work on a broader perspective.

If you follow professional bloggers, you can see how they started small and later started covering big topics. So the first step is to start with finding your niche.


Let’s admit the fact that we don’t like reading long paragraphs in general. You have to learn to retain your audience or they would leave.

Therefore we have compiled few tips to make your readers retain for a long duration:

  1. Use short paragraphs: short paragraphs makes it easier to read the blog. Long paragraphs make it considerably boring to retain.
  2. Write short sentences: short sentences are eye-catching and readable. Try to break sentences where you use “and”, “but” and “so”.
  3. Use headings/lists: when you list down points or use headings, people find it easier to read. Bullet points highlight important points to readers.
  4. Make good use of formatting: You can highlight specific points or words using bold, italics to attract the eyes of readers.


Your headline is the most crucial part of your blog. Your headlines are what will compel readers to visit your blog.  It’s an important tactic that few conventional bloggers use. Your headline should address your target audience. Try adding subtle clues of what your content is about.

You can start with using a headline like- “5 tricks to get maximum followers” or “5 secrets to success of your business”.

  1. Perform Basic ON-PAGE SEO:

On-page SEO essentially means optimizing your web pages to gain traffic to your website and rank higher.

For beginners, basic practices that you can implement is:

  • Try to place your focus keyword in the meta description and title tags which helps the relevant audience to find your content easily on SERPs.
  • Short URLs should be used. Keep your slug description as short as possible but should be relevant. For example- https://somart.in/blog/digital-marketing-basics. Visitors are most likely to click on a result which they find appealing.
  • If you are someone who is using WordPress for blogging, try installing Yoast SEO.


If you want more website traffic, try offering other well known bloggers of your niche, to write an article for them.

Most popular blogs thrive on good content. but making relevant content is hard. Therefore start with offering popular bloggers your article so that in return they also promote your brand.

Guest blogging is trending these days. So make proper use of it.


Just because you post new content consistently shouldn’t refrain you from updating your old content. As we are aware of the fact that “content is the king”, make sure you update them from time to time.

As you are progressing in your blogging journey, your thought process will keep on changing. Moreover, if your blog has a no.1 position, your competitors will be fighting to take that position. Google can also degrade your ranking if your content is less appealing and outdated.


Writing a good article isn’t enough if your significant audiences don’t get to read it. This means you need to post in relevant communities and social media platforms like Instagram,facebook,twitter, LinkedIn and also Pinterest.

Posting there will automatically attract traffic to your blogs. It is very likely that your kith and kins will like and share your post with their friends and relatives.


If you can’t think of a topic to write on or finding it difficult to collect data, you can always check your top competitor’s blogs.

Many bloggers show off their best blogging articles. And there you can track the relevant keywords and implement them in your own article. Its that simple and easy to do.

For keywords analysis, you can opt for wordtracker scout. It will come in handy during your blogging journey. There are also other tools like Moz SEO toolbar, etc. And most importantly you can download their chrome extension which will be hassle-free and easy for you to do your work.


When you are passionate about writing blogs on the niche of your choice, there are several free blogging sites where you can start with. They are-

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Blogspot
  • Blogger
  • Tumbler
  • Medium

Your grammar also plays an important role in your blogs. Using wrong grammar is not at all acceptable. Your readers will refrain from reading it as it wouldn’t look good in your blogs. Your blogs should look professional and up to date.

But no need to distress as we have some free grammar checking tools for you.

Some of them are-

  1. Grammarly
  2. Scribble
  3. Grammar checker.
  4. Paper rater.
  5. Online correction.
  6. Virtual writing tutor.

Make use of these tools and correct your grammar in an instant. Some of them also have the pro versions and you can avail them for better results.

So, now what are you waiting for? Start implementing them and let us know in comments, how much these tips helped you.



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