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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Challenges for Today’s Businesses-

  1. Connecting with their Customers
  2. Growing their Revenues and Profits
  3. Surviving the tough  competition in the Market

What can be done?

  • Improve your customer experience to drive revenue and profits
  • Retain and engage customers at by providing valuable content on different channels.
  • Track your metrics and ROI.

Lets help you understand the Concept  of Digital Marketing in simple words to take your business to heights.

First of all, What is Marketing?

All the activities that a business carries out to promote your product, service or your brand is known as marketing. It is the process of communication the value to the customers.

And then, What is Digital Marketing?

A part of marketing that uses digital technologies and especially the internet for the promotion and communication of products and services is simply known as Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.  In layman terms, it refers to the marketing that is done through internet. 

Why would you choose digital over traditional marketing, is it just because its trending, perhaps, No! or because everyone’s doing it? May be! So, go through the benefits of digital marketing below to understand what’s better and why.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

1)Huge ROI:

In digital marketing, you invest less and get more, unlike traditional marketing where you bear fixed costs on print ads but the results are not as effective always. Internet marketing, like Google offers Pay per click Advertising, where you have to for every click that a customer makes on your ad, which shows higher returns on investments.

2)Low Cost:

Allocating a Marketing budget becomes a burden for a small business, where as big companies can do it easily, to survive the competition, digital marketing is the way out, where you can market your products in a few bucks.

3)Easy to track Measure and Analyse

Online marketing provides you with complete access to data and metrics about your audience.  It segregates your data on the basis of time, visitors’ age group, location, device, interests, gender, and  other demographic factors. This helps you analyse your target market.

4)Easy to Customize and Change

Online advertising is like playing with keywords, images, graphics, videos and other types of content. It is up to you what you want to show to your target customers. Your content, Ads, and information that you share, everything can be changes as and when required, digital marketing is highly customizable to your needs.

5)Building relationships with customers

Digital Marketing allows you to engage with your audience and potential customers irrespective of their geographical location. Also, you can run great campaigns online to build relationships with your customers. This will also help you establish your brands online.

6)Specific Targeting and Segmentation

You can select who you want to show your ads and to whom not. This is a great feature of going digital, while in traditional marketing, everyone whether interested or not may see your banners, bill boards, print ads etc. Online advertising helps you target only those, who might convert in future.

7)Global Reach

Wide reach of Digital Marketing makes it very important for businesses who want to expand outside the regional boundaries. Your website, your message and your products can be communicated across different cities countries and internationally.

If you’re still unsure, whether to go for digital marketing or not, Check whether your business is ready for Digital Marketing?

Now, when you’re creating online presence for your business, it is very important to select the right digital marketing channels for your business. Channels? What are these channels now?

Digital Marketing Channels

  1. Pay Per Click Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Video Marketing
    and the list goes on..

So, have you taken your first step towards taking your business online? Contact Us for a Free Consultation and Guidance Call.


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