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Is your Business Ready for Digital Marketing?

Marketing is all about connecting with your audience in the right time at the right place. It means you need to catch them where they are already online on the internet.


Digital Marketing is any form of marketing that exists online.  It is the marketing efforts that are performed through an electronic device or the internet.Online marketing industry in India is a booming. In a country with a fast growing economy, the growth of digital marketing has brought a change in the ways marketing and advertising is carried out today.


Most of the business practices in India until 2010 were mainly into traditional marketing. Businesses were not willing to give up their traditional practices. It is seen that 64.4% of the Indian urban population were using internet as of December 2017, While 20.26% of the rural population had access to internet as of December 2017. 

About 25% to 40% in annual growth of digital marketing in India indicates that a lot of businesses rely on digital marketing.However, after coming across the advantages of digital marketing, a great change has been observed in the course of doing marketing. Traditional marketing is now used as an additional platform to digital marketing.

Digital marketing is gaining prominence because of its cost effectiveness, higher conversion rates, better revenues, increased interactions with audience, increased mobilization, and better branding.It is expected that in a few years to 90% of businesses will depend on digital media not only for marketing and advertising but even for sales.

So, To succeed in long run, your company must start developing digital marketing strategies to connect and convert the potential customers, beating your competitors and creating brand awareness.

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Now, can you build a suitable online marketing strategy that works for you?If the answer is No, like it is for many other business owners, the most relevant solution for you would be to outsource your digital marketing to experts who can help you with the right consultancy for your business marketing and implement them for you.

Let me highlight some great reasons how marketing professionals can create a great online presence and boost the growth of your business.

1.   Lower Cost, better results. a well planned and rightly targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods. Experts who have tools and proven track records can develop and implement a marketing plan for you quickly and easily, your costs actually go down as you start bringing in more sales.

2.   Increased Conversions – if you have your own website, your customers are only a few clicks away from making a purchase or contacting you, while other media channels require people to make a phone call, or go to a shop, digital marketing is quick and clutter free.

3.   Global reach. Creating your online presence allows you to find new markets and trade globally starting with a small amount of investment initially.

4.   Detailed Analysis. Measuring your online marketing strategy with various analytics and online metric tools makes it easier to understand how effective your campaign is. You can easily gain detailed information about your customers who respond to your advertising.

5.   Customer loyalty and Reputation. Right social media marketing plans, regular posting and managing content on such channels will build customer loyalty and create a reputation for your great engagement with people around.

6.   Saves Time and Resources. Marketing requires experience, time, and rigorous efforts. To gain success, your marketing plans and efforts have to be monitored regularly and altered when needed, which requires the right team and intelligence. Follow the right path, build the right strategy, do audience research, start engaging your followers on social media platforms, and you’ll save not only your resources, but a lot of your time.

7.   Faster Results. The digital media is spontaneous, the actions are implemented quickly and we can get to see the results from the very first week. Response rate is higher and so it the conversion. Marketing professionals help you build the right brand exposure and position quickly to bring you more sales.

Now this is what you’d need to take your business to digital!

women, teamwork, team

1)   A Digital Strategy: Businesses to achieve high growth online, needs well researched and planned digital strategies in place Companies that are lacking behind even after using digital channels often don’t have a documented strategy to make sure campaigns are on track. Contact Us, for a free consultation regarding your digital strategies. Somart.in is here to provide your the best digital marketing services.

2) Teams and Allies: Businesses that grow at a speed have best teams in place to build their digital marketing strategy, and its timely delivery. You need a mix of in-house and external expertise who clearly understands the outcome that needs to be achieved.

3)   Resources: Your teams should also have strong systems and resources to use in their research and implementation. Companies that don’t perform as well have made some investment but the foundation is not complete much of their digital spend is wasted. You can also outsource resources from some agencies that expertise in this field.

4)   Daily Activity: Businesses need to conduct highly structured tasks on a regular basis. They do this effectively following the proper strategies, with references to the research and audience. Releasing content with mixed ideas may leave your audience is vague.

So is your team ready to deliver higher growth through digital? 

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