16 Things you must follow to Boost Your Productivity at Work!

There are a number of tasks lined down for us daily. Our monotonous jobs make us do the repetitive tasks due to which our productivity starts declining. So here’s a list of things that you need to imbibe in our daily routine if you really want to improve your productivity.

To enhance your performance and greater productivity, consistent efforts, smart work and a pinch of self imposed stress the key.Making the most of your time is not an easy task. The amount of time you can dedicate to your work might be limited but you can still work smarter and get things done.

This post will take you through 16 effective strategies for increasing your productivity at work.

1.   Start your day early.  Get up early in the morning  at 5 AM or so, and find some time to work on your important tasks. An energetic start with a fresh mind can often help you get more things done while others are just dreaming.

2.   Set your  goals.  How to improve efficiency at work? You need to set your targets for each day in advance.  Decide what you’ll do, how to do it and Focus on the task till it’s done. Also, identify the important goals you must reach before you can stop.

3.    Manage your time well. Take a note of how much time you’re spending on various tasks. Keeping an eye at your watch while you do your job makes you speed up and avoid distractions that come in your way. Also you can keep an estimate of passage of time for every task.

4.    Take regular breaks. Working at a same task without breaks leads to a downfall in your performance. Regular breaks can actually help improve  your concentration levels. Short coffee breaks during long hours of work helps you to maintain a constant level of energy.

5.    Set your deadlines. Try giving yourself a deadline for your projects, and then stick to it. You‘ll be surprised to discover just how productive you can be when you allow yourself to work under self imposed stress.

6.    One task at a time. Multitasking is great as far as getting a job is concerned but genuinely you need to focus and commit to one task. A single task done with near perfection is any day better than three tasks that still need reviewing. Doing several tasks at once can result in waste of time and productivity.

7.    Utilize your spare time. Rather than Facebooking, scrolling down on Instagram or playing games on your small screens use that spare time to check your emails, create your to-do list, or even better, Read. This is another great tip from the measures to boost productivity.

8.   Turn off notifications. Notifications can be a big source of distraction at times. The beeping tone during work shifts your concentration which takes another few minutes to get back to point. Turn off your notifications, and instead find out time to check email and messages.

9.   21 days. One of the famous productivity hacks is to identify a new habit you’d like to build, and stick to it for just 21 days. Research shows things that you do regularly for 21 days without fail will find place in your daily routine.


10. Do some exercises. A fit body and mind has more energy to perform better. Take out time for a nice walk or for going to the gym. Such physical activities boost your stamina and empower you to work for longer durations. In this way you get more energy to live a productive life.

11. Clutter- free workplace.  A neat and clean workplace with a soothing aura leads to an increased productivity. Some research shows, a well laid office cabin or cubicle, with pleasing décor or things that make you happy placed around can increase productivity by up to 15 percent and helps increasing your happiness quotient.

12.  Speed up.  Try to go a little faster than usual. Speak a little faster. Start reading and absorbing faster. Walk faster. Improve your typing speed. Respond quickly. It is an another quick way to raise your work productivity.

13.  Reward YourselfGiving yourself small reward on your achievements is a good idea. It can be your favorite snack, a movie ticket or a massage appointment for yourself. This will give you a sense of fulfillment with a strive to do more.

14.  Division of work.  Break complex projects into smaller, well-defined tasks.  Focus on completing them one by one. Stick with it until it’s 100% complete.  Don’t switch tasks in the middle.  This is the key to higher productivity.

15.  Punctuality.  Arrive early. Start your work early, you’ll get more time to go back and review the tasks which will help you rectify the little errors if any. You’ll be able to meet the deadlines and your performance levels would certainly increase.

16.  Do not procrastinate.  One of the best ways to increase productivity is to avoid procrastination and try to complete your boring, difficult and unpleasant tasks in the beginning of the day instead of delaying it until later. This small achievement will automatically maximize your efficiency at workplace.

Do you have your own secrets to maximize your productivity in the office? Share below!

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